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APG Lights the Way with Over 5,000 NEMA Enclosures!

Since 1990, APG Vision has been the premier provider of industrial enclosures to ensure protection of cameras, lights, and sensitive technical machinery in highly corrosive, explosion-proof, washdown, and food processing FDA-compliant environments. We light the way to provide camera enclosures for cameras and equipment from:

  • Advanced Illumination
  • Allied Vision
  • Cognex
  • Teledyne DALSA
  • IDS
  • JAI
  • Keyence
  • Zebra Technologies
  • Smart Vision Lights
  • Vision Components
  • Photoneo
  • and more!
Food Grade Enclosures Basic Protection Enclosures
Liquid Cooled Enclosures Increased Protection Enclosures
New Products
Avoid downtime and safety issues with our industrial cameras, designed for crystal-clear vision in dirty and harsh environments without fluids, wipers, nozzles or upkeep

We have the capability to take a set of requirements for an environmentally protected enclosure for cameras, lenses, lighting, and ancillary equipment, and to design and produce that enclosure in quantities from one unit to hundreds. We do this quickly and cost effectively.

Choose from our huge stock of over 5,000 NEMA enclosures, or turn to us to design and manufacture custom enclosures solutions to fit your harsh industrial conditions perfectly. Whether you are shielding sensitive cameras for food applications, steel and paper mills, general manufacturing plants, or border security, we’ll ensure that the housing meets your needs. Visit our extensive product pages and product literature to get the full scope of our capabilities.

We adhere to strict regulatory standards of compliance, including NEMA and IP standards working both in sheet metal and in machined metals and plastics.

Environments can range from the shop floor to outdoor to food production (FDA washdown) to explosion proof protection.

Trusted Among the Best
We Make Camera and Lighting Enclosures For Harsh Industrial Environments
Basic Protection to meet NEMA 12 and IP61 Standards
Basic Protection

Enclosures are constructed to protect against hazardous parts, falling dirt and dust, fibers, lint, and dripping or light splashing of water. No ingress (penetration) of dust for up to 8 hours and protection against vertically falling water droplets.

  • Available for off-the-shelf purchase for the most popular cameras
  • Optional air cooling and air curtain available
  • Easy to install and maintain
Lighting Enclosures to meet NEMA 4X and IP65 Standards
Lighting Enclosures

Enclosures for indoor or outdoor use to provide protection against hazardous parts, windblown dust, corrosion, splashing water, rain, ice, or snow. The enclosure prevents damage from the external formation of dust.

  • Protects lights for washdown applications
  • Protects washdown ringlights
  • Customizable lighting enclosures available
Increased Protection to meet IP 65 and 67 Standards
Increased Protection

Enclosures that are built to prevent ingresses of dirt and dust for up to 8 hours and protect against jets of water and the effects of actual immersion.

  • Liquid tight
  • Split insert cord grips allowing for premade cable insertion
  • Optional heat and sun shields available
Explosion Proof Enclosures with EU Certification
Explosion Proof Enclosures

Designed to isolate ignition sources in explosive environments. Created for upright cameras, inline cameras, and small light sources.

High Corrosion and Food Grade Protection to meet IP65 and IP66 Standards
High Corrosion and Food Grade Protection

Enclosures that are constructed to protect against water permeation from powerful water jets.

  • Constructed of type 316 stainless steel
  • Plastic windows included (glass optional)
  • Designed to reduce moisture traps
  • Available in camera and lighting combinations
Enclosure Accessories
Enclosure Accessories

Ensure the proper function and fit for your industrial environment.

  • Pan and Tilt Mounts — Rugged stainless steel mounts and fasteners to protect cameras and lights. [More info]
  • Pan and Tilt Mounts — Creates an impermeable liquid-tight seal around cables. Available to meet IP65, IP67, NEMA3 in an assortment of polyamide, nickel-plated brass, or 316 stainless steel bodies. [More info]
  • Industrial Stands — Rugged stainless steel mounts and fasteners to protect cameras and lights. [More info]

Can’t find the enclosure to fit your specific needs? Turn to our Custom OEM solutions!

Whether you need modifications for standard enclosures or novel designs to fit entirely new enclosures, our engineering staff is available to answer your technical questions and get the ball rolling. We can use our standard enclosures and accessories and then modify viewports, camera arms, and mounting plates to create any style of enclosure under the sun. They still retain qualities necessary for the protection of your cameras, lighting, and high tech hardware, such as plating and anodization.

Our custom enclosures include:

  • Designs for hot environments (250° C)
  • Mounts for large lenses
  • Heating and insulation
  • Complex structures