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APG Industrial Enclosures and Pan & Tilt Mounts to Fit Your Rugged Environment

Protect your cameras, lighting, and high tech hardware from corrosive, wet, and dusty environments. Keep them functioning perfectly regardless of accidental contact with abrasive materials, weld spatter, impact, oil mist, heat and cold, and idle hands. Protect a sensitive environment from exposure to your high-tech devices—to comply with FDA regulations, food applications require protection from glass, paint, plating, and bacteria-laden trapped water. And explosive environments require isolation from potential ignition sources within your high tech.

The solutions that deliver this high-grade protection are APG industrial enclosures and APG NEMA rated enclosures.

Browse this products section to find the enclosures that readily fit your sensitive devices. We feature over 5,000 enclosures to fit any harsh industrial environment, including:

  • 30D Enclosure—A stainless steel and aluminum housing that supports 40 different inline style cameras. This basic protection meets NEMA 12 regulations.
  • 42S Enclosure—A 316 stainless steel housing for Cognex DataMan 500 or Cognex DataMan 300 cameras. Designed to work in highly corrosive environments and in food processing/production. Configurable with air cooling and air curtain faceplate options. Meets IP65 regulations, and optionally, IP66 regulations. Works with premade cables.
  • PTU-BE Pan & Tilt Mount—Constructed of 304 stainless steel, including all fasteners, for Checker 200, DataMan, Microscan Mini, SNF Laser, tripod.

Not sure where to start? Look within the categories below to review our extensive catalog. Or, use our product search to find enclosures that include easy access to cameras and lenses, windows that are easily changed, constructed of durable stainless steel and/or aluminum, with drillable cord grips.

Need to modify or update your existing enclosures to meet compliancy and meet your industrial needs? Need to change-up the window or gasket materials; add heat/sun shields, internal electric heaters, or add many more enhancements? Simply contact our design engineers at 412-487-8211 to modify your parts to meet new specifications.

Need something unique and out-of-the-box to suit your needs? We’ll build your enclosures from scratch, create in Solidworks, and then send along a cool 3D model of your new enclosures for your final approval before construction.

Many of our products are developed to meet or surpass NEMA, 4X, IP50, IP53, IP69, IP66, explosion specs, and FDA regulations. All products carry a 1-year warranty, and we strive for 100% satisfaction from our valued clients.

Get started by contacting our experienced APG design team at 412-487-8211.