APG Vision will be at the Automate.com "Here for the Trailblazers" trade show, Booth 148, in Detroit Michigan from June 6 - 9, 2022.


Custom OEM Solutions

There are times when it is appropriate to modify our standard enclosures to meet your particular and specific needs, or we might design an entirely new enclosure. Here at APG Vision, LLC (APG), we make it easy for design engineers to get the enclosures they need for their particular application.

Because of our modular designs, it is often possible to satisfy most camera and lighting packaging requirements with our standard parts. However, there might be a time when you need a specific requirement. We are here to help. Assistance can be as simple as planning the proper panel space and accessories or as complex as creating a new enclosure design. We provide services to modify our parts to meet your special requirements. Our engineering staff is available to speak directly with you to answer your technical questions. Contact us.

Industrial Design
Our staff can provide a custom look for your product using industrial design techniques. By starting with our standard enclosures and accessories and modifying particular features such as viewports, camera arms, and mounting plates, we can create any style of enclosure. Because we start with our standard products, we can retain important features such as anodization and plating needed for protection in harsh environments.